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CBC Junior Secondary Offering at Brookshine Schools with Day and Boarding option.

With great excitement, Brookshine now offers CBC Junior Secondary education for both boys and girls in day and boarding schools. This curriculum will provide our society with several learning options for the benefit of the children.

Grade 7 enrollment shall begin in January 2023. In the years that follow, further CBC grades will be introduced for progression-related reasons. Admissions for grade 7 are already ongoing.

Why Brookshine is happy about the CBC Curriculum

The aim of CBC learning outcomes is to ensure that learners showcase their skills, their understanding of these competencies, and their attitude and values.

Secondly, CBC places a strong focus on the value of learners using their newly acquired skills and knowledge. By doing this, learning is made relevant and purposeful.

How Prepared is Brookshine School for the upcoming CBC Transition?

Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Sessions

Brookshine educators continuously participate in professional development seminars in addition to the training offered by the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission. The qualities enshrined in the school motto (Focus towards Excellence) have been the driving force and will remain to be the fuel that powers perfection among the teachers.

CBC Facilities

The school has succeeded in developing and improving its facilities to better cater to the needs of the new class (Junior Secondary).

In order to effectively fulfill the expanded needs of the CBC transition, our management team has been preparing strategies over time, and they are presently working on the implementation. To keep the high standards Brookshine is known for, the management is working round the clock to prepare any material that is needed in delivering CBC objectives.

Transition to CBC

In order to fully support the learners in school, our school has invested in creating boarding facilities that will accommodate both boys and girls. In addition to this, the school has a dedicated boarding department with passionate dorm fathers for boys and dorm mothers for girls. The primary role of the dorm mother and dorm father is to enable the learners to matriculate seamlessly to the boarding environment.

Brookshine has qualified chancellors and nurses who work closely with the boarding and academic department to ensure that the students blend in with the school culture and with other senior students.

Brookshine is more than happy to take the early lead in the enrollment of learners in Grade 7.

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