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Brookshine Schools Opens Kindergarten and Primary

Exciting News! A new chapter has begun at Brookshine School. We are pleased to announce the opening of Brookshine Schools -Kindergarten that will accommodate children of ages 2-6 years and primary school section starting with class one  in the year 2018.

We provide a loving, safe and rich learning environment that nurtures holistic development for your child. Our curriculum is based around the 8-4-4 framework incorporating methods from Montessori and the international curriculum.

We believe each child is unique, complete with all its interests and abilities and we are the companions in their development. By offering an environment designed to stimulate growth in critical areas of early childhood development- mental, physical, aesthetic, social and emotional- we pave the way forward for a lifetime of learning.

The school offers a serene environment, which calls to the child and invites conducive learning. The grounds are large, allowing ample place for free and organized play.

The staff have been carefully chosen for their experience in Child Education and Development, which is further enhanced by their teacher’s personal touch to every individual child.

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