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Brookshine Schools Celebrates 21 Years

Brookshine Schools began its journey in the year 2002 and had its pioneering K.C.S.E class of 2004 returning an impressive mean of 9.000.

The School has led a journey of a strong culture of excellent discipline, pursuit of knowledge, the fear of the Lord, and striving for excellence.

This has been maintained by a strong team and highly qualified and dedicated staff.

Our dream at Brookshine School has always been to produce learners who will be the envy of all and sundry owing to their academic prowess, mental uprightness coupled with physical fitness.

Indeed we know all too well the shortcomings inherent in most of the secondary school graduates.

It is in light of this that we have carefully taken time to study the maladies that are facing our learners resulting in graduates who do not measure up to the goals of education nationally and globally.

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