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Grade 1-4

Brookshine Schools – Primary

Brookshine schools opened its Primary section in January 2018 with Grade 1 to Grade 4 now available. We believe in nurturing the unique capabilities of each child. By offering children an environment designed to stimulate growth in critical areas of early childhood development; intellectual, physical, social and emotional, we pave the way forward for a lifetime of learning.
Our curriculum incorporates a commitment to stimulate different styles of learning. We firmly believe in the combination of a structured environment that includes center-based learning with individual learning and play. As such, our classrooms are equipped with traditional and Montessori materials and daily activities are varied, with academics and the arts.

Reasons why you should choose Brookshine Primary Schools

  • Our thematic integrated method of teaching

  • A Curriculum that focuses on holistic learning

  • We have a small class system ensuring each student receives special attention.

  • Friendly, dedicated and qualified staff

  • Safe, clean and well-maintained school grounds

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Sports (Soccer, Skating, Swimming & Motor Sport)

  • Music & Dance (Ballet, Modern Dance)

  • Book club (Spelling bee, Story Telling)

  • Drama

  • Scouts movement & Taekwondo

  • Cookery