844 Curriculum
Day School
2-6 Years

Brookshine Schools – Kindergarten

Brookshine School  Kindergarten is a child centered institution that offers an integrated curriculum that borrows from different systems. We use the Montessori and the International Curriculum method, while still following the Kenya Pre-School curriculum to ensure that the children are well prepared to join class one. This in effect entrenches versatility in readiness for a dynamic world.

Our centre of  approach is to provide a nurturing and child-friendly based learning environment that helps the little ones have a strong foundation of character and values.

All lessons  cater to the child’s physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development. At the end of the child’s kindergarten experience, they will be able to join a primary school of choice due to their exposure to a well-rounded foundation.

We offer co-curricular activities such as ballet, music, Tae Kwondo among others to help grow children holistically. Social and emotional well-being facilitates absorption of formally taught content.

The school offers a serene environment, which calls to the child and invites conducive learning. The grounds are large, allowing ample place for free and organized play.

The staff has been carefully chosen for their experience in Child Education and Development, which is further enhanced by their teacher’s personal touch to every individual child.